A transformative garden is so much more than a decorated yard. It is a cohesive space that blends seamlessly with the architecture of the home. It tells the unique story of the land and of those who live there. It contains a spark of magic that beckons people to connect to it, explore and experience it. Such a space is authentic in its artistry by being so much more than the sum of its parts. It is a serene, nurturing place for life to happen. Building these gardens is our craft and our passion.

Jay Sifford, designer and writer

Working primarily in the Charlotte metro area, I especially enjoy designing unique woodland, Asian and contemporary gardens.
I am skilled at employing foliage of contrasting shapes, textures and colors to weave together a special place that brings forth positive emotions in those who spend time there. Artistry, magic and integrity are my goals as I approach each project.
I have pared the featured projects on my website down to twelve to keep things simple. If you would like to see additional projects, please visit my Houzz page: https://www.houzz.com/pro/siffordgd/__public
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Tracy Blando
Relationship: Client
Project Date: Jun 2018

Jay Sifford transformed a disjointed back yard and side yard into a beautiful cohesive space. We now have an amazing dry creek bed with shade plantings! Our back yard just glows! We love the new cu... Read More

Jim E
Relationship: Client
Project Date: Sep 2016

I have long been a do it yourself gardener but work demands made it difficult to make progress in our landscape endeavors. We needed someone with excellent design skills and a wide ranging plant know... Read More

Tricia Fisher
Relationship: Client
Project Date: Feb 2018

Jay transformed our front yard. We knew we wanted to change things up, but we did not have a vision. We knew from the moment we met Jay that he was special and gifted, so working with him was an easy ... Read More

Corona Landscaping
Relationship: Peer
Project Date: Mar 2018

As a new professional in the industry, I have seen and admired Jay's work from a distance. I have made it a point to attend his lectures and meet with him to "pick his brain", hoping that I some of h... Read More

Cara S.
Relationship: Client
Project Date: Oct 2017

If you love your home as much as we do, you won’t use anyone other than Jay Sifford for your landscape design! We contacted Jay after seeing him listed as the “best” on Houzz.com, and our experience f... Read More

Relationship: Client
Project Date: Jun 2017

Jay is a true artist, a rarity in landscape design and especially in the Charlotte area. We are truly lucky to have him in this region! I found Jay via Houzz and fell in love with his designs. He puts... Read More

Cary Anne Melton
Relationship: Client
Project Date: Aug 2017

We've hired out several projects over 30+ years of home ownership, both interior and exterior. Our investment in Jay's garden design and implementation is the single best investment we ever have made... Read More

Jane Van Fleet
Relationship: Client
Project Date: Feb 2017

The most difficult thing about this recommendation is where to start with the praise? Jay's communication patterns, plant knowledge, design sense, and quality of work are just outstanding. We looked f... Read More

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